Research Fields

Research Fields

There are two disciplines In SciTech. In your application you will be able to choose one of the following options:

  • Medicine/Life Science/Biology
  • Exact science/Engineering
  • Willing to try Both (this option increases your chances of being accepted to SciTech)

A placement in the Medicine/Life Science/Biology means that you are willing to work with microbes/tissue samples/blood sample.
Working with animals (for example dissecting mice) is optional in this category. If you do not wish to work with animals, we guarantee that you will not be placed in such a project.

Participants’ Choice
The placement is done by the academic committee, based on your application, the mentors request and other considerations.
We cannot guarantee that you will be placed according to your preferences (as was marked in your application).

If you are interested in SciTech you should come with an open mind to any project you will be assigned, all research projects are chosen carefully to stand in our high standards. As a high school student, you are most likely to know very little about any of the research projects before SciTech begins, and you have a lot to learn.

Final Placement
Notification of the participants’ final project placement will be sent via e-mail a week before SciTech begins.
We recommend participants prepare adequately for their project according to the email they get (i.e., read the scientific paper and prepare answers to the questions sent to you) prior to the program start.

To have an idea of what a research project might look like, you can take a look at previous years projects. This year research project will not be the same.

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