Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations


Dormitories must be kept neat and clean at all times. There will be a weekly inspection of the rooms and bathrooms, so everyone must do their share of cleaning. Participants are responsible for both the room and apartment equipment, and will have to pay for any damage. There will be a counselor’s dorm with a counselor present each night.

Curfew is at 23:00. No one is allowed out of their apartments after curfew. Technion students live and study in the dorms during the summer months so noise must be kept to a minimum.

Smoking, Alcohol, and Drugs
No smoking of any kind is allowed in the rooms, public buildings, or during social activities and laboratory time.
No alcohol is allowed at any time. Participants who fail to obey will be expelled.
No drugs are allowed at any time. Participants who fail to obey will be expelled.

Personal Safety

  • Israel’s summers are hot and humid. Participants should be prepared ,drink a lot and follow the instructions of mentors and SciTech staff.

Participants responsibilities

  • Participants must listen and follow the counselors, mentors, and SciTech administrative staff.
  • Participants must be present for all meals, planned activities, and in their laboratories during the assigned times.
  • Participants must always carry their SciTech student ID card.


  • Each participant is assigned to a laboratory where they will conduct their research.
  • Participants must arrive and remain at the lab during their assigned times and must always follow their mentor’s instructions.
  • Participants must be dressed appropriately to the labs. This includes comfortable shoes that cover the feet completely, no tank tops/ sleeveless shirts/ crop tops may be worn, loose hair must be tied back, and no dangling jewelry is allowed.
  • The mentors will provide additional laboratory safety instructions.

Free Time

Free time will be spent on the Technion campus. During this time, the Technion pool, gym, and social facilities will be available to the participants. On the weekends participants must remain on campus.

Family /friends visits
No visitors are allowed during all time throughout the camp. If you have family or friends in Israel you are welcome to meet them before or after the camp. There will be no exceptions.